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Cosmetic dentistry

At your consultation, we will perform a thorough examination of your teeth. We will then discuss the options suitable for you in helping you achieve your desired result. This process may involve traditional methods of removing tooth surface to allow for the placement of veneers, crowns or bridges. However, techniques including bonding means that there are more conservative ways of improving your smile. This could involve straightening the teeth followed by whitening and bonding. This can achieve a natural look and involves the least amount of intervention. At Athlone Dental we will always look at the option that involves the least intervention in accordance with our “patient first” philosophy

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Hilary is excellent at what he does. I had gaps in my lower & upper teeth that really bothered me. Hilary put in veneers in the top & bonding in the bottom. He has completely rejuvenated my smile to a point I look completely different. Life changing. He is a brilliant professional & his customer is second to none. Highly recommend!


Most frequent questions and answers

At your consultation, we will take a mould of your teeth. This mould is then altered by a technician to create a diagnostic wax up of your teeth. This create a visual of what the teeth would look like in their ideal position. You will have the opportunity to examine a diagnostic wax up of your teeth at a follow up appointment to ensure you are happy with the proposed treatment.

Longevity of cosmetic treatment will be determined by the patients care and maintenance of the teeth and how regularly the patient attends for reviews. Normal brushing and flossing with regular trips to the dentist will help you maintain a radiant smile for as long as possible.
The majority of patients assessed are deemed suitable for some form of cosmetic dental treatment. The health of the patient’s teeth and gums will be the determining factor in the ability to have treatment.
The cost of treatment is dependent on the level of complexity involved. Some cases can be managed with simple bonding while other require more intricate treatment. If you like to discuss further, please call 0906455028