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9am - 5pm

15 Castlemaine St

Athlone, Ireland


Family and Implant Dentistry

Welcome to Athlone Dental, established by principal dentist, Dr. Hilary Meaney. We are dedicated to providing personalised, specialist care for our patients in order to bring confidence back to your smile.



Most frequent questions

A full examination of the intra oral (inside the mouth) and extra oral (outside the mouth) tissue including:

Gum health

Signs of decay

Check on any fillings and restorations that may be present

Oral Cancer Screening

It is recommended to have your teeth checked once a year and to have your teeth cleaned twice a year

If you are qualified under your PRSI payments then you are eligible for a free exam each calendar year. When you provide us with your PPS number, we will check your eligibility. Your PRSI also qualifies you to a subsidised hygiene visit.

X-ray’s are taken at your first appointment in order to assess any hidden decay. X-ray’s are normally taken every 2 years thereafter to monitor the situation.

After your dental exam,  any treatment required will be discussed with you before  proceeding on the day or at a subsequent appointment.